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Constantpursuit of quality product experience

Guangdong FENGZE bathroom hardware factory is the modern professional manufacturer of developing and producing  all kinds of high — quality door control hardware products

which are used for building and decoration.

The brand of "FENGZE" is famous for FENGZE’s high — tech and advanced production standard. The products are made up of high quality material.

They have the advantages of durable, harmonious, attractive and great performance. And they are popular among the customers.

This series of products included floor spring, door — closer, accessories of sliding door, glass doors, bathroom glass doors, central door lock, door holder, glass hanging wheel and so on.

With the rich experience in market operation, the brand of "FENGZE" has strong sense towards the trends of fashion and has a number of outstanding professional technical people.

All the procedures, including researching and developing, manufacturing and quality control are severely operated according to the type of management abroad which ensure the products of the brand  "FENGZE" all the time.



FENGZE supplies Consumer diverse choice of the material in the bathroom.

The designers of the FENGZE dedicates themselves into pursuing beauty of natural

and harmonious.On match, there is no other material like water that can leave people a sense of refreshing. The designers took advantages of the glass for lighting whrn they were decorating this special bathroom,  This kind Of design unrestrained the natural light and let it passes through every conner of the bathroom.

Colorful world,complicated elements and fast-paced life make the city people who are tired after a day's work look forward to a place of pure, Bright and natural.

The life they dream of is that they can be completely relax after finishing the work.

And the only one which can meet office staffs needs is the glass ware.The soft

light shines,its special effect of light reflection.looming texture are all so touching.

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